Dr. Maria Bykhovskaia's Laboratory

Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity

Neurons communicate by releasing neuronal transmitters from nerve terminals.  We study the mechanisms and the regulation of the release of neuronal transmitters.

Investigating the synaptic vesicle pools at an active zone employing electron microscopy.


Paired double-patch recordings of inhibitory synaptic currents from the hippocampal slices of epilepsy susceptible mice. Blue: pyramidal neuron; red: inhibitory basket cell


Molecular model of the SNARE protein complex associated with the protein Complexin, mediating the attachment of the synaptic vesicle to the neuronal membrane. Red: Synaptobrevin; Blue: Syntaxin; Green: SNAP25: Magenta: Complexin


Conformational states of the neuronal calcium sensor Synaptotagmin 1