Eishi Asano's Laboratory

Localization of seizure focus and functionally-important regions for patients who undergo brain surgery.

Our goal is to maximize the seizure control and quality of life following surgery for patients with drug-resistant epilepsy or brain tumor. Our computer-based analyses of EEG and neuroimaging will determine how epileptic activities originate and propagate in cortical networks. Four-dimensional mapping techniques will animate how brain function is exerted by functionally-important regions.  Left image shows the spatio-temporal dynamics of event-related high-gamma activity during a language task (Brain 2017;140:1351-1370). Right image shows the spatio-temporal patterns of common and differential Rolandic high-gamma augmentation elicited by articulation of different phonemes (Clinical Neurophysiology 2014;125:1129-1137; Featured as the cover figure).