The faculty at Wayne State University School of Medicine is dedicated to bringing to bear the latest advances in basic research to promote a better understanding and to provide innovative new strategies to treat epilepsy. We strive to combine top national expertise in multiple basic and clinical sciences. Our research efforts span from basic mechanisms of synapse development to positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of brains of patients with epilepsy.

Wayne State University Detroit Medical Center clinical epilepsy researchers have a long-standing tradition of conducting successful investigator-initiated and industry sponsored clinical trials. Their diverse research interests include management of status epilepticus, unique mechanisms of seizure detection, seizure safety and education, and epilepsy in special populations including pregnant females, elderly and those with other neurological conditions.

Ongoing Clinical Trials

1. Fycompa in Routine Clinical Care of Patients With Epilepsy Site PI: Maysaa Basha, M.D. Sponsor: Eisai Co.

2. A Multicenter, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial With an Open-Label Extension Phase of Perampanel as Adjunctive Treatment in Subjects at Least 2 years of Age With Inadequately Controlled Seizures Associated With Lennox-Gastaut SyndromeSite PI: Deepti Zutshi, M.D.Sponsor: Eisai Co.

3. Efficacy and Safety of Eslicarbazepine Acetate as First Add-on to Levetiracetam or Lamotrigine Monotherapy or as Later Adjunctive Treatment for Subjects with Uncontrolled Partial-onset Seizures: A Multicenter, Open-label, Non-randomized Trial Site PI: Maysaa Basha, M.D. Sponsor: Sunovion

 Active Grants & Awards

1. Epilepsy educational outreach program PI: Deepti Zutshi, M.D. Source: Detroit Medical Center Foundation Awarded Grant: $95,000

2. The sound of seizures: auto-triggered seizure detection PI: Maysaa Basha, M.D Source: Epilepsy Foundation Shark Tank Competition Winner 2017 Awarded Grant: $75,000

3. Effect of seizures in patients with Alzheimer's disease with respect to cognitive progression, imaging and electrographic biomarkers PI: Rohit Marawar, M.D. Source: Albert & Goldye Nelson Grant Awarded Grant: $40,000

4. Safety and analysis educational videos for RNs and EEG techs in Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. PI: Rohit Marawar, M.D. Co-I: Maysaa Basha, M.D. Source: Detroit Receiving Hospital Physician Foundation Awarded Grant: $7,000

5. Cortical Microstructural Changes in African-Americans with Alzheimer's Disease. Co-I: Rohit Marawar, M.D. Source: Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center Pilot Grant Awarded Grant: $35,000

6. Title: Improving Patient Safety Outcomes and Direct Hospital Costs with the Use of Patient Checklists in Acute Seizure Management. PI: Maysaa Basha, M.D. Source: Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan Foundation Awarded Grant: $75,000

7. Title: Critical Care EEG Monitoring Research Consortium. A multi-center continuous EEG database for shared EEG based projects. Site PI: Deepti Zutshi Sponsor: Northwestern University, Department of Neurology

Recent Adult Epilepsy Publications

11.    Xu J, Mohamed W, Basha MM, Zutshi D. Electroencephalogram Characteristics in Critical Ill Patients Before Cardiac Arrest: A Case Series. Clin EEG Neurosci. 2019 Jul 29.

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Recent Pediatric Epilepsy Publications

15. Sood S, Ilyas M, Marupudi NI, Asano E, Kumar A, Luat A, Saleem S, Mody S, Altinok D, Poulik J, Kupsky WJ, Ham SD, Chugani HT. Anatomical hemispherectomy revisited- outcome, blood loss, hydrocephalus & absence of chronic hemosiderosis. Childs Nervous System 2019;35:1341-1349.

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