Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke)

Vascular Neurology (Stroke)

Welcome to Wayne State University's Comprehensive Stroke Program and Neurological Critical Care Program website. We are part of the Department of Neurology. Our programs are leading the way in Michigan and nationwide in lowering the risk of stroke, treating acute stroke, preventing recurrent stroke, and helping patients to regain skills lost during stroke. We are located in the Detroit Medical Center in the University Health Center building (8th floor).

The Comprehensive Stroke Program within the Department of Neurology at Wayne State University is one of the leading stroke programs in the United States. It is currently staffed by one vascular neurologist, three faculty in the associated neurocritical care program, three interventional neurologists, one vascular neurology (stroke) fellow, and two nurse coordinators.


Kumar Rajamani, M.D.
 Professor of Neurology,
Program Director Vascular Neurology Fellowship,
Medical Director Comprehensive Stroke Program               
Wayne State University School of Medicine and Detroit Medical Center