Headache and Pain

A typical visit to the Headache and Pain clinic involves initial evaluation by a neurologist to establish the proper diagnosis and to provide the latest advanced management for headache and pain conditions.  Complicated cases may require a multidisciplinary approach with affiliated psychologists, physical therapists, and anesthesiologists to provide the best effective treatment for headache and pain.  The treatment options after establishing the diagnosis are medication adjustments, nerve block, Botox injection, and occasionally surgical intervention. M. Maher Fakhouri, M.D., is a clinical specialist in headache and pain management.

Botox for Headache

We offer FDA approved Botox injection for patients with chronic migraine headaches.  Dr. Taofik Nasrat, MD and Dr. Jacob Rube provide botox  services. 



Maher Fakhouri, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Clerkship Director

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