Patient Information

As a result of the unique breadth and scope of our comprehensive epilepsy program, we are pleased to assist physicians in any aspect of patient care. Patients can be seen for a one time consultation or on an ongoing basis, whichever the referring physician prefers. Patients may be referred for a second opinion regarding medication initiation, selection, and discontinuation. An opinion on medication interactions or other pharmacokinetic issues may be requested.

Many patients and their families benefit from visits for patient education. All patients are provided access to our extensive educational materials concerning epilepsy. These consultations may be easily arranged with an epileptologist or directly with the epilepsy nurse coordinator. For patients with seizures who do not respond to conventional medical therapy, we also provide opportunities for consideration of alternative treatments. Following an initial evaluation in the outpatient epilepsy clinic, medication adjustments, participation in an investigational drug trial, vagus nerve stimulation therapy, Responsive Neurostimulation® System, ketogenic diet therapy, or evaluation for surgical treatment may be recommended.

We also provide sub-specialty epilepsy care to the following patient populations:

Epilepsy in Pregnancy

Women with epilepsy who take anti-epileptic medications may have a two times higher risk of having a child with minor or major birth defects than women in the general population.  This may lead to the practice of women discontinuing their anti-epileptic medications. However, this is not a practical or safe option as it may expose the mother and fetus to physical harm if seizures occur. Therefore, education and counseling are essential in the management of all women of child-bearing age in the planning of a pregnancy. Furthermore, closer monitoring is needed during and in the early months after pregnancy to achieve optimal results for both mother and baby. Dr. Zutshi leads the sub-specialty clinic for women with epilepsy who are planning to or have become pregnant to offer a wide-variety of services including counseling and management of anti-epileptic medications and epilepsy.  This high-risk pregnancy and epilepsy clinic offers women access to frequent clinic visits to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy and overall well-being of mother and baby.

Geriatric Epilepsy

Elderly age group is the most common age group to have new onset seizures. They can have seizures that might be atypical and subtle making their detection and diagnosis difficult. Elderly people are also on multiple medications making them more susceptible to have side effects on addition of anti-epileptic medications. Geriatric Epilepsy clinic, led by Dr. Marawar, offers comprehensive management of epilepsy and seizures in this unique population.

To schedule an appointment in the adult outpatient epilepsy clinic, call (313) 745-4275 or (800) 966-9644 

To schedule an appointment in the pediatric outpatient epilepsy clinic, call (313) 832-9620.