Clerkship Assignment


Each student will be a given the assignment below at the orientation. This document must be filled out by the supervising neurologist as he/she observes the student taking the history and performing the neurological exam. The Clerkship will be marked incomplete if the information is not filled out and signed by the supervising/observing physician by the end of the clerkship.

Neurology Clerkship Assignment document:




Supervising physician:


Neurological Exam:

Mental Status:

Cranial Nerves:






*The supervising Neurologist must fill out this assignment by placing his initials next to each element and commenting on how the student did.

*The history taking should be supervised, if not, students need to present to the supervising physician how the history was obtained, e.g., how the symptoms develop (sudden/gradual i.e. temporal profile), the duration of the symptoms, etc. Each part of the neurological exam must be supervised and initiated and feedback given by the supervising attending Neurologist or the senior resident (junior residents are not allowed to oversee this assignment).

*The Clerkship will be incomplete without returning this assignment properly filled out by the supervising Neurologist.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact Maher Fakhouri, MD, Clerkship Director directly by email or Lenora Paul, Clerkship Coordinator by phone or email regarding Neurology course materials and Bibliography information or to address your concerns:  

Maher Fakhouri, MD
Associate Professor of Neurology
Clerkship Course Director
Wayne State University/SOM
Lenora Paul, Clerkship Program Coordinator
Office Phone:  (313) 577-1243
Fax:  (313) 745-4216