4th Year Rotations

For those students interested in pursuing further clinical training in neurology or who wish to consider a residency in neurology, a four week elective can be tailored to the student's preference. Rotation in the outpatient subspecialty clinics include: epilepsy, neuromuscular medicine, neuro-immunology and multiple sclerosis, neuro-oncology, vascular neurology, dementia, neurogenetics and movement disorders/botox injection clinics. Inpatient rotations in the neuro-critical care unit are available. Clinical neurophysiology rotation with experience in electroencephalography and EMG/NCS can also be scheduled on student's preference. Please contact Dr. Fakhouri or Dr. Zutshi prior to the start of your rotation to discuss further opportunities and mentorship prior to your neurological career so we can tailor your rotation to suit your interests.


Maher Fakhouri, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology,
Clerkship Director
Wayne State University