Program Structure

Program Overview WSU DMC Neurology Residency   

Mission: Our Training program is rooted in a rich clinical neurology tradition coupled with the most advanced and innovative tools in the field. Our faculty is composed of excellent clinicians dedicated to shaping the next generation of competent and compassionate neurologists to practice in an evolving health care environment. Our residents are trained to provide care to patients from a wide range of ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We ultimately strive to train future clinicians, educators, and researchers in the field of Neurology and its subspecialties.  

Structure of Neurology Residency-  

Our program is a 4-year categorical residency program.   

Year 1 of ACGME-approved preliminary medicine training:  

  • 7 Blocks of Internal Medicine  
  • 1 Block of Emergency Medicine  
  •  2 Blocks of Neurology  
  •  1 Block research  
  •  1 Block Psychiatry  

In years 2-4 we employ a 5+1 schedule model. This means that residents will have a five -week service rotation followed by one ambulatory week. The Ambulatory week consists of a combination of a resident's continuity clinic and attending directed subspecialty clinics. Each year residents will do 8-9 ambulatory weeks. Service weeks will consist of the following  

Year 2  

  • 20-22 weeks of General Inpatient Neurology   
  • 10-12 weeks Neuro ICU  
  • 2-4 weeks Neuro ICU night float  
  • 6 weeks elective  

Year 3  

  • 2 weeks Neuro ICU night float  
  • 6 weeks of General Inpatient Neurology floor senior  
  • 6 weeks of floor night float  
  • 2 weeks of inpatient VA senior  
  • 8 weeks EMG  
  • 4 weeks EEG  
  • 4 weeks inpatient peds.  
  • 6 weeks elective  

Year 4  

  • 6 weeks of General Inpatient Neurology floor senior  
  • 6 weeks of floor night float  
  • 3 weeks VA senior  
  • 8-9 weeks of clinic  
  • 8 weeks outpatient peds  
  • 16 weeks elective