Fellowship Training

Duration of Fellowship:
The Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship is of 1 to 3 years duration depending on the candidate's interest and prior training. However, it is recommended that most fellows consider at least two years of training to obtain adequate exposure to all aspects of training.

Who May Apply:
Candidates who have completed neurology residency training from an accredited training program in North America or Europe are eligible to apply. In exceptional circumstances, candidates who have not completed neurology residency training may also apply. These candidates, however, have to be highly qualified in their prior training and experience in the field of neuroimmunology and multiple sclerosis.

Fellowship Training:
The training will be composed of core areas including:
(i) Clinical
(ii) Research

(a) Clinical diagnosis and management of MS and other CNS demyelinating diseases.
(b) Use of MRI in clinical practice including interpretation and high-field imaging.
(c) Use of ancillary services for the clinical management of multiple sclerosis.
(d) Use of aggressive treatment strategies including chemotherapy and monoclonal antibodies.

(a) Clinical trial research including trial design, biostatistics, methodology and interpretation of studies.
(b) Opportunity to work in an MRI analysis laboratory in the MS Center. The imaging work includes routine lesion quantification, segmentation techniques, brain atrophy studies, and non-conventional imaging including MRS, MTR, DTI, and SWI.
(c) Opportunity to work in collaboration with laboratory based neuroimmunologic research with highly established immunologists.
(d) Opportunity to work in the Spasticity Clinic in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to learn intrathecal baclofen pump in the management of spasticity.
(e) Developing pilot proposal for external funding.

For further information regarding fellowship training, please contact:

Robert P. Lisak, M.D.
Program Director, MS Fellowship training program
Ms. Lenora Paul
MS Program Coordinator 
Phone:  313-577-1243
Email:  lpaul@med.wayne.edu