Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship Program


Mona Elsayed, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Program Director, CNP Fellowship program
Our program offers two spots each year for our one-year ACGME-accredited fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology. Fellows choose their main interest either EMG/Neuromuscular or EEG/Epilepsy track, in accordance with the ACGME guidelines.

The EMG/Neuromuscular track focuses on clinical training in EMG and Ultrasound studies and spends time in the general and subspecialty neuromuscular clinics as well.

The EEG/Epilepsy track provides in-depth experience in adult-EEG reading and the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (6 beds) for epilepsy diagnosis and surgical evaluation, including intracranial monitoring and electrocorticography in a NAEC designated level IV epilepsy center.  Additionally, fellows will spend time in the epilepsy and subspecialty epilepsy.

Electives are also available in sleep disorders, neurocritical care, pediatric epilepsy, neuroradiology, neuroimmunology, movement disorders, and intraoperative monitoring rotations. 

We also offer a two-year fellowship combining clinical neurophysiology and epilepsy. This fellowship is designed for those who want to achieve advanced knowledge and skills in the management of patients with epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders.

Upon graduation, the fellows are eligible for the Clinical Neurophysiology and Epilepsy subspecialty certification examinations offered by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Depending on fellows’ interest, Clinical Neurophysiology are also eligible to take the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine.

The Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship includes both didactic and clinical experiences, training:
  • Interpret all types of EEGs, including long-term EEGs, outpatient routine and ambulatory EEGs
  • Interpret critical care EEGs

  • Diagnose and manage patients admitted to our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU)

  • Plan and interpret Intracranial invasive EEG monitoring  

  • Manage epilepsy patients in epilepsy clinics

  • Program and interpret Neurostimulation devices

  • Conduct clinical research to select quality improvement projects with faculty supervision.

  • Teach residents and rotators

  • Interpret all types of Nerve conduction and EMG

  • Perform EMG and Ultrasound studies in different neuromuscular diseases

  • Perform Skin biopsy in different neuromuscular diseases

  • Perform Botox in different neuromuscular diseases
  • Fellow also can attend half day per week in neuromuscular center at VA which its building is in the same DMC campus area.  The fellow will be exposed to additional experiences in EMG and nerve conduction studies, neuromuscular diseases,  Botox and research opportunities as well. 
Clinical Neurophysiology Didactics
We have the following comprehensive didactics:
- EMG/Neuromuscular lecture series covering EMG and nerve conduction basics, ultrasound utility in different neuromuscular diseases and other clinical neuromuscular topics (Every Friday, 10am-12 pm).
- Epilepsy/EEG lecture series covering EEG basics, seizure types and different semiology, neurodiagnostic studies in epilepsy,  epilepsy surgery and neuro stimulation devices, antiseizure medication and mechanisms of actions, neuropathology in epilepsy, epilepsy in women and children , neuroimmunology in epilepsy, genetics in epilepsy, epilepsy and movement disorders, and other interesting clinical and updated epilepsy topics.
- Weekly epilepsy surgery conference (Every Monday, this is a joint conference with pediatric epilepsy).
- Journal club (once a month).
- Attend Grand Rounds every Friday morning.
- EEG/EMU teaching sessions.
- Comprehensive Clinical Neurophysiology In-service and Board Review sessions or lectures designed to prepare fellows interested in taking the ABPN Clinical Neurophysiology Board Examination.
- Fellows could attend the annual ACNS, AES, AAN national conferences. 








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Research Opportunities

Fellows at Wayne State University can participate in research, from case reports to clinical trial recruitment and management of patients.  Feel free to visit our Clinical Research Center.

Application process 

We offer three positions each year for applicants who are interested in applying for the clinical neurophysiology fellowship and have completed an ACGME accredited neurology residency by the start of fellowship and should be ABPN board eligible.  Our program is participating in the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). Please complete the application through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

Applicants can find more information by visiting NRMP and ERAS websites.

For additional information about the program, applicants may contact our fellowship program coordinator: 

Amy Allemon
Fellowship Program Coordinator Clinical Neurophysiology
Department of Neurology
4201 St. Antoine, UHC-8C,
Detroit, MI  48201
(313) 745-4008 (office) 
Recent Graduates:
  • David Chaar, MD, Residency: Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State University, 2023
  • Derek Grayson MD, Residency: Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State University, 2021

  • Rene Andrade, MD, Residency: Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State University, 2021

  • Zainab Alalawi, MD, Residency: Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State University, 2019

  • Gabriel Moreno, MD, Residency: Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State University, 2019