Holden Lab

Neurological testing including muscle and neuromuscular junction is provided for patients with problems related to the Central and Peripheral nervous system. Depending on the type of symptoms, we have the ability to explore and localize problems that may explain the complaints of patients.

The types of testing that we offer and the common problems diagnosed are as follows:

  1. (EMG) Electromyography with Nerve Conduction Studies:
    Common problems:
    • (CTS) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,
    • Peripheral Neuropathy, including Diabetic Neuropathy
    • Pinched Nerve, Spinal Root Injuries
    • Paraesthesia, Complex Pain Syndrome
    • Sciatic nerve pain,
    • Myopathy (muscle diseases), including polymyositis, inclusion body myopathy, dermatomyositis
  2. (EEG) Electroencephalogram
  3.  We offer routine outpatient EEGs, ambulatory EEGs (patients go home with EEG for 24-72 hours)   and have an inpatient Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (see epilepsy division)
    Common problems:
    • Seizures, Memory Loss
    • Blackouts, Syncope
    • Encephalopathies, Stroke
    • Headaches and Closed head Injuries
  4. (EP's) Evoked Potentials: (AEP) Auditory Evoked Potentials, (VEP) Visual Evoked Potentials, (USEP/LSEP) Upper / Lower Evoked Potentials
    • Acoustic Neuroma (Tumors), Multiple Sclerosis
    • Optic Neuritis, Vision Loss
    • Spinal Injuries

These studies are all completed to board standards by fully trained professionals.  We offer you the ability to have the patient's testing completed at our local facility.  Our hours are convenient, and the reports will be faxed/mailed to you within 24 hours of the study's completion. 

Holden Neurophysiology Lab
4201 St. Antoine, University-Health Center-8B
Detroit, MI 48201
Scheduling: (800) 966-9644
Monday Friday | 8:30 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

EMG Specialists: M. Maher Fakhouri, M.D., James F. Selwa. M.D., Ryan Castoro, M.D., Taofik Nasrat, M.D.
EEG/EP Specialists:   Maysaa Basha, MD, Deepti Zutshi, M.D., Rohit Marawar, M.D., Mona Elsayed, M.D., Waleed Abood, M.D.,