ArichenaRamanathan Manmatharayan, MD

ArichenaRamanathan Manmatharayan, MD

ArichenaRamanathan Manmatharayan, MD

Office Address

Wayne State University School of Medicine
Department of Neurology - 8D UHC
4201 St. Antoine
Detroit, MI 48201
Office Phone: (313) 577-1245
Clinic appointments: (313) 745-4275 

Academic Rank

 PGY 3 Neurology Resident

Other Information

I chose DMC/WSU Residency program because of it's large patient population and the wide variety of clinical experiences offered. There is great opportunity to do research with encouraging and experienced clinical faculty.

I am looking forward to being able to practice empathetically and independently at the end of my residency.  Looking forward to meeting this amazing team and getting started. 


M.B.B.S. Chettinad Health and Research Institute, Chennai, India 2015


Medial temporal lobe epilepsy, spinal cord injuries, imaging biomarkers of neurological conditions

Hobbies:  fusion cooking, traveling, sketching


Arichena Manmatharayan, Michael Kogan, Caio Matias, Mashaal Syed, India Shelley, Amar Chinni, Kichang Kang, Kiran Talekar, Scott Faro, Feroze B. Mohamed, Ashwini Sharan, Chengyuan Wu, Mahdi Alizadeh. Automated subfield volumetric analysis of amygdala, hippocampus, and thalamic nuclei in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy, World Neurosurgery: X,2023,100212,ISSN 2590-1397,

Miao, J. et al. (2023). Diffusion Tractography in Neurosurgical Planning: Overview of Advanced Clinical Applications. In: Faro, S.H., Mohamed, F.B. (eds) Functional Neuroradiology. Springer, Cham.

Alizadeh, M., Manmatharayan, A.R., Johnston, T. et al. Graph theoretical structural connectome analysis of the brain in patients with chronic spinal cord injury: preliminary investigation. Spinal Cord Ser Cases 7, 60 (2021).

Mahdi Alizadeh, Arichena Manmatharayan, Thiago Montenegro, Glenn Ozuna, Caio M Matias, MD, PhD, Feroze Mohamed, Chengyuan Wu, MD, Ashwini D Sharan, MD. Impact of Hippocampal Subfields and Amygdala and Thalamic Nuclei Volume Loss With Respect to Post-surgical Seizure Outcome, Neurosurgery. Volume 67, Issue Supplement_1, December 2020, nyaa447_675,



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