Sai Sruthi Konduru, MD

Sai Sruthi Konduru, MD

Sai Sruthi Konduru, MD

Office Address

Wayne State University School of Medicine
Department of Neurology - 8D UHC
4201 St. Antoine
Detroit, MI 48201
Office Phone: (313) 577-1245
Clinic appointments: (313) 745-4275 

Academic Rank

PGY 4 Resident in Neurology

Other Information

Please tell us why you chose DMV/WSU Neurology Residency Program:

The DMC/WSU was my top choice because of the diverse exposure in all fields of neurology.  This program also gives you extensive opportunities in other fields like research, leadership opportunities, and community outreach programs. 


Pursuing Masters of Healthcare Administration


J.J.M Medical College, Davangere, India 2014


Stroke, Epilepsy

My hobbies keep changing but for now, I like to explore different areas. Currently I'm into gardening, photography and hiking.

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