Yuvraj Bhagat, MD

Yuvraj Bhagat, MD

Yuvraj Bhagat, MD

Narrative Bio

Dr. Bhagat is a graduate of Central Michigan University. A native of Canton, MI, he has a very strong research interest in using technology to forward research. Some of his work includes developing automated EEG reading, designing heat maps and electrode arrays, and working on optogenetic neurons. He is a self-proclaimed techie with interests in crypto currencies, graphic design and computer programming. In his spare time he enjoys playing intermural basketball and is a fan of soccer, football, mixed martial arts and cricket.

Office Address

Wayne State University School of Medicine
Department of Neurology - 8D UHC
4201 St. Antoine
Detroit, MI 48201
Office Phone: (313) 577-1245
Clinic appointments: (313) 745-4275

Academic Rank

 PGY 2 Resident in Neurology 


 University of Michigan


Central Michigan University College of Medicine  


 Detroit Medical Center 


 Detroit Medical Center 


Optical Synapses: Selective Control of Synaptically-Connected Circuit Elements by Interluminescence
Mansi Prakash1, Jeremy Murphy2, Robyn St Laurent3, Nina Friedman2, Andreas Bjorefeldt1,2, Akash Pal4, Yuvraj Bhagat1, Julie A. Kauer3, Nathan C. Shaner5, Diane Lipscombe6, Christopher I. Moore6*, Ute Hochgeschwender1,4*
Communications Biology 5, 33 (2022), https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.10.29.466531

Multifaceted, Data-Driven Approach for Characterization and Prediction of Covid-19 Morbidity and Mortality in Rural Health Care Facilities
Bhagat, Y; Varriano, B; Sassine, A; Lepley, T; Tan, J; Megaly, M; Haddad, N; Ragina, N; Zikos, D
Presented virtually at American Medical Association Research Challenge Poster Symposium Semifinalist Panel
October 20-22nd 2022

Bioluminescent Optogenetics (BL-OG) for Investigating Functional Synaptic Communication
Yuvraj Bhagat, Mansi Prakash, Christopher I. Moore, Ute Hochgeschwender.
Presented Virtually at Central Michigan University Medical Education Partners Research Symposium. April 24, 2020

Relationship between Neurological Diseases and Gastroenterological Comorbidities
Yuvraj Bhagat, Evan Chen, Kimberly Berke, Caneisha Coburn, Yamann Sahlool.
Presented at Central Michigan University College of Medicine Medical Student Research Forum. February 29, 2020

Interluminescence: Trans-Synaptic Modulation through BioLuminescent OptoGenetics
Mansi Prakash1,2, Robyn St. Laurent3, Akash Pal1,2, Kathleen M. Riselay1,2, Yuvraj Bhagat1,2, Andreas Bjorefeldt1,2, Barry W. Connors3, Diane Lipscombe3, Julie A. Kauer3,4, Christopher I. Moore3, Ute Hochgeschwender1,2
Presented NSF NeuroNex Workshop Chicago, IL. October 23 and 24, 2019








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