A.H.M. Huq, MD

A.H.M. Huq, MD

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A.H.M. Huq, MD

Narrative Bio

Dr. Huq is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology at Wayne State University. He is also the director of Children Hospital of Michigan Gene Bank Research Facility. Dr. Huq received his medical degree in Bangladesh. He received his Ph.D. in Japan and carried out pediatrics, neurology and genetics residency training at Wayne State University and Baylor College of Medicine.  He completed his postdoctoral studies at University of British Columbia. He has published on metabolic and neurogenetic disorders and also obtained grant support in these areas. His current research includes genetics of autism, developmental delay and epilepsy.

Office Address

Children's Hospital of Michigan, 3901 Beaubien Blvd., Detroit, MI, 48201


Tokushima University School of Medicine, Ph.D., Pediatrics, 1991


Dhaka Medical College, M.D., 1984

Position Title

Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology (Clinical)


Dhaka Medical College Hospital, 1985


Wayne State University, Neurology, 1992-1993 and Pediatrics, 1991-1992




Wayne State University, Child Neurology, 1998-2000; Baylor College of Medicine, Genetics, 1993-1995 and 1995-1996


Neurogenetic disorders, metabolic diseases, autism, neurocutaneous syndrome


Huq AHMM, Chugani DC, Hukku B, Serajee FJ. 2002. Evidence of Somatic Mosaicism in Sturge Weber Syndrome. Neurology 59:780-781 (corresponding author)

Nabi R, Zhong H, Serajee FJ and Huq AHMM. 2003. No association between single nucleotide polymorphisms in DLX6 and Piccolo genes at 7q21-q22 and autism. Am J Med Genet; 119B:98-101 (corresponding author)

Zhong H, Serajee FJ, Nabi R and Huq AHMM. 2003. No association between the EN2 gene and autistic disorder. J Med Genet 40: e4 (corresponding author)

Serajee FJ, Zhong H, Nabi R and Huq AHMM. 2003. The metabotropic glutamate receptor 8 gene at 7q31: partial duplication and possible association with autism.J Med Genet; 40: e42 (corresponding author)

Serajee FJ, Nabi R, Zhong H and Huq AHMM. 2003. Association of INPP1, PIK3CG and TSC2 gene variants with autistic disorder: implications for phosphatidylinositol signaling in autism. J Med Genet, 40: e119 (corresponding author)

Serajee FJ, Nabi R, Zhong H and Huq AHMM 2004. Polymorphisms in xenobiotic metabolism genes and autism. J Child Neurol 19:413 - 7 (corresponding author)

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