Michael Behen, PhD

Michael Behen, PhD

Michael Behen, PhD

Narrative Bio

Michael E. Behen, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist/neuroscientist in the Translational Imaging Center at Children's Hospital of Michigan. Dr. Behen's research and clinical interests include the neurocognitive, behavioral, and imaging correlates of early social deprivation, Tourette Syndrome, and developmental and psychiatric disorders. His work is currently funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.

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Dr. Behen's research and clinical interests include the neurocognitive, behavorial, and imaging correlates of early social deprivation, Tourette Syndrome, and developmental disorders.


University of Michigan, Dearborn, B.A., 1990


Wayne State University, Ph.D., Psychology (Clinical), 2004

Position Title

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology


Children's Center of Wayne County, 1993-1996


neuropsychology, pediatric-program


Children's Hospital of Michigan-PET Center/Pediatrics, 2004-2006

Prior Appointments

PH Group Home - Program Director, 1985-1991


Functional and structural correlates of early severe social deprivation, etiological factors and psychological and neurologic correlates of developmental disabilities.


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