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The Child Neurology program is a part of the neurology department, but is housed at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan - the only free standing children’s institute in the state. It is a 228 bed tertiary care facility devoted to providing comprehensive care to newborns, infants and children below the age of 18.

The pediatric neurology clinics provide outpatient evaluation of children in multiple locations - Detroit, Dearborn, Canton, Southfield, Troy and Clinton Township. Our services focus on a wide range of neurological issues such as head injury, seizures, developmental delay, intractable epilepsy and muscular dystrophies. We have general pediatric neurology clinics where we see children with headache, attention issues, behavior disturbances, developmental delay, seizure disorders and autism. Specialty clinics include epilepsy, neurogenetics, autism center and MDA clinic – encompassing spinal muscular atrophy, myopathies, peripheral neuropathies and dystrophies. Most specialty clinics are multidisciplinary and include the input of genetics counselors, specially trained nurses, dieticians and social workers. The MDA clinic includes physical and occupational therapists as well. Children’s imaging facilities include three tesla magnet MRIs, PET scans and diffusion tensor imaging. Children’s Hospital of Michigan has a tertiary care pediatric intensive care unit, a neonatal intensive care unit, and level one pediatric emergency and trauma care center.

The Pediatric Neurology department has eight full time faculty, seven pediatric neurology residents, two epilepsy fellows, five nurse practitioners and three neurology trained RNs in addition to the dietician, genetics counselor and epilepsy surgery faculty. We have close ties with the department of neurosurgery and rehabilitative medicine and hold multidisciplinary meetings to discuss complex cases. Dr. Lalitha Sivaswamy is the Interim Chief, as well as Residency Program Director. Jacqueline Taylor is the residency coordinator, and Mr. James T. Dunn is the Department Director and oversees administrative operations.