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Clinical programs and research are central components of the Department of Neurology.
Our faculty members participate in general neurology and specialty clinics at the University Health Center within the Detroit Medical Center. The members of the neuromuscular faculty evaluate and treat a wide variety of neuromuscular conditions. To schedule an appointment at one of the neurology clinics, please call 1-800-966-9644. In addition, we have several subspecialty neuromuscular clinics which are listed below.

The CMT clinic

There are a number of genetic disorders in which motor neurons are affected. The Wayne State University Inherited Neuropathy Clinic, the world’s largest of its kind, has identified a family with a unique genetic disorder affecting motor neurons. The CMT clinic link is] in the Department of Neurology.
Patients continued to travel at their own expense to the clinic from all over the United States and world. We now follow patients from 47 states, 21 countries and all continents except for Antarctica. The CMT clinic is the primary site in the first multicenter trial performed in North America for CMT.
The MDA clinic

In addition to the CMT clinic, the program also has MDA clinics. The involvement with the MDA has led to our center being a provider of enzyme replacement for Pompe’s Disease.

The Hiller ALS Clinic and Research Center

Thanks to the generous support of Mr. Jim Hiller, the Hiller ALS Clinic and Research Center  at] at Wayne State University is developing a new way to understand and treat this devastating brain and spinal cord disorder that is fatal to thousands yearly in the prime of their lives. The Hiller Center is developing an integrated, translational research program that is designed to advance our understanding of the processes that cause motor neurons to degenerate. Our core philosophy is that it is our patients who can teach us the most about this disorder and offer new clues that will bring us closer to a cure. The clinic also provides the opportunity for all of the patients to participate in clinical and translational research. These include participation in the latest therapeutic trials as well as involvement in unique research studies available only at our Center. These include serial electrophysiologic and imaging studies performed at different stages of illness that will ultimately lead to better markers of disease progression that can be utilized in clinical trials of new therapeutic agents.