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Patient Information

As a result of the unique breadth and scope of our comprehensive epilepsy program, we are pleased to assist physicians in any aspect of patient care. Patients can be seen for a one time consultation or on an ongoing basis, whichever the referring physician prefers. Patients may be referred for a second opinion regarding medication initiation, selection, and discontinuation. An opinion on medication interactions or other pharmacokinetic issues may be requested.

Many patients and their families benefit from visits for patient education. All patients are provided access to our extensive educational materials concerning epilepsy. These consultations may be easily arranged with an epileptologist or directly with the epilepsy nurse coordinator. For patients with seizures who do not respond to conventional medical therapy, we also provide opportunities for consideration of alternative treatments. Following an initial evaluation in the outpatient epilepsy clinic, medication adjustments, participation in an investigational drug trial, vagus nerve stimulation therapy, ketogenic diet therapy, or evaluation for surgical treatment may be recommended.

To schedule an appointment in the adult outpatient epilepsy clinic, call (313) 745-1416 and ask to speak to the Andrew Bassile


To schedule an appointment in the pediatric outpatient epilepsy clinic, call (313) 993-7101 and ask to speak to Sarah Minarik