School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine


The department would like to recognize the generous endowment made by Sindgi Dattu Sastry, Ph.D., and Pushpa Sastry, which lead to the creation of The Sastry Foundation Clinical Neuroscience Endowed Research Fund and the Sastry Foundation Imaging Laboratory. The recipient of the endowment is Department Chair, Dr. Omar Khan.

The Parker Webber Chair of Neurology, is an endowed chair for the Department Chair through the generous gifts of the Parker Webber Family Fund.

The department would also like to recognize the generosity of each of its other donors. Once again the department has been the recipient of generous gifts from Mrs. Mary Parker. Fund raising from voluntary health foundations and societies is lagging because of the economy. As part of the economic recovery acts there has been an increase in NIH funding; however, the proposed increases barely suffice to keep up with inflation.

Thus gifts from our donors are more important than ever. Corporate, foundation and private contributions continue to promote the department’s commitment to a recognized standard of excellence in patient care, research, and education. The gifts noted below reflect only those contributions received in 2013, not cumulative contributions from prior years.

Corporate Donors

  • Advanced Health Media, LLC Novartis
  • AmerisourceBergen Services Corp.
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Associates of Michigan, Inc.
  • Barclay Planning Group, LLC
  • Biogen Idec, Inc.
  • Critical Care Systems, Inc.
  • Elam & Elam Enterprises
  • First Artists Management
  • Gourmet International
  • Healthlogix
  • Lakeshore Toltest Corp., Inc.
  • Livingston Medical Center, P.C.
  • Medical Technology Resources, LLC
  • Merz Pharmaceuticals
  • Michigan Eye Center
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Northlawn Irrigation, LLC
  • Orange County’s United Way
  • System Specialities Company
  • Taube Family of Companies
  • Teva Neuroscience, Inc.
  • Wright & Filippis, Inc.
  • The Recovery Project


  • Hiller Charitable Foundation
  • Frederick S Upton Foundation
  • GlaxoSmithKline Foundation

Individual Donors
(contributions exceeding $75,000)

  • Mary Parker

(contributions of $5000 - $10,000)

  • Estate of Eliza A Woodward

(contributions of $1000 - $4999)

  • Florine Mark
  • Harvey and Ronna Heller
  • Janine S Smith

(contributions of $500 - $999)

  • Maureen L Comerford
  • Paula Dore-Duffy
  • Jeanne Nehez
  • Greg Olechnowicz
  • David Petoskey
  • George W Ruhana

(contributions of $200 - $499)

  • David R Barnwell
  • James K Belding
  • Fred A Bernardi
  • Kathryn Erickson
  • Victoria L Fenton
  • Akil Lile
  • Robert P Lisak
  • Sheldon L Miller
  • Irving M Miller
  • John R Randall
  • Sid Roth
  • Paul J Roubal
  • Leo M Ruhana
  • Daniel Ruhana
  • Delores M Vandenberg

(other contributions)

  • Michael M Ahern
  • Donna Allor
  • Barbara Below
  • Gerald L Boni
  • Paula Butler
  • Kimberley Christie
  • Marlene Dempsey
  • Michael V Domulewicz
  • Barbara C Earl
  • Joyce Foster-Hartsfield
  • Elizabeth Gage
  • J Martin Gillespie
  • Robert B Gillum
  • Victoria Gleason
  • Diane L Goff
  • Paul Hitler
  • Douglas K Hodge
  • Mario Iatonna
  • Mary Ann Jarrett
  • Beth Knapp-Reed
  • Shirley Knoblock
  • Philip Kubik
  • Richard A Lewis
  • Robert C McCune
  • Robert J McLaren
  • Kathleen M McLaren
  • Richard L Pifer
  • James A Rillema
  • Helene Roy
  • George M Ruhana
  • James Ruhana
  • Glen Seaman
  • Irene B Slisinger
  • Sue Solozzo
  • Philip A Stopke
  • Erica Stromberg
  • Donald Urbas
  • Kevin Vogler
  • Creighton Weber
  • Theresa L White
  • Michael Wilusz